SC x MARKETS: Making a Mark


SC x MARKETS kicked off last weekend with a debut that surely made its mark in our community. Bringing nothing but good vibes from 9am-4pm, crowds bounced in non-stop to scout for some locally-made goods to bag. And boy, did our local creatives and food stalls set up shop with some beautiful (and yummy) choices that tickled everyones fancy.

Coming in, the glorious sight and smell of freshly cooked eats from a choice of 4 vendors were there to greet (and lure) people to stay. The sounds of live performances and later, a live DJ, couldn’t get us feeling any more upbeat. And as you walk into The Stonecutters Space, you’d have been stumped by a lustrous variety of goods that could be yours to keep. On the way out, people were left smiling with satisfied tastebuds, new friends, and AT LEAST one purchase made with love.

With everything from hand-made goods, including up-cycled items, to recycling pre-loved branded clothing, this Market was not one to miss! And if you did, we’re sorry - but don’t worry! There’ll be a next one, as we continue to support and share small businesses and local talent with you all.
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Director & event organiser
Floor Planner
Logistics Coordinator
Vendor organiser

Floor Planner
Logistics Coorinator


These ladies worked as a team to put this together for the community so thank you ladies, for driving this vision into a reality. And to all who supported this event in their very own ways, it couldn’t have happened so perfectly without you all!

By the community, for the community.

Esther Gadate